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League Rules

LI Hoops Men’s Basketball League Rules and Regulations 

1- Referee/Scorer Fee:

All Referee/Scorer fees are due prior to the start of a game. Games will not begin until each team has paid the $40 fee.


Players must wear team shirts/jerseys. All team members must be uniformed in jerseys of the same color with clearly identifiable numbers. A technical foul will be assessed to each player not in compliance after game 3 of regular season. Any member of a team not adhering to this will not be allowed to participate in league play.

3- Submission of Complaints:

Any team captain who wishes to file a formal complaint or protest any league or game official ruling must put it in writing and email it to the leagueoffice@gmail.com. Only team captains may submit complaints. No complaints made via phone will be considered.

4- Prohibited/Restricted Items at Games:

The following items are not permitted at venues where LI Hoops League Games are scheduled:

– Alcoholic beverages
– Controlled substances
– Weapons
– Inappropriate and/or offensive signs/printed materials
– Any audio/video devices equipped with speakers (i.e. boom boxes, bullhorns etc.)


All LI Hoops game venues are strictly smoke-free at all times.

Jewelry (including watches) and hats are not permitted to be worn by players during the game.

5- Spectator Conduct:

There is a zero tolerance policy with regard to spectators causing undue interference with the playing of games. Any spectator who conducts his/herself in an inappropriate, offensive, and/or disruptive manner, including entering the court area during a game will be ejected and banned from attending an indefinite number of future games.


Teams accompanied by any disruptive spectator(s) are subject to immediate disqualification of the game and possible suspension from further play.

6- Lateness Policies:

1) Official scheduled game times must be adhered to. There will be a 10 minute grace period from scheduled start time. Chronically late teams may be suspended from play.

2) Teams may start a game with four players, but no less

Length of games when teams are late
If teams are late by more than 10 minutes, the game will consist of two(2) 16 minute halves
If teams are late by more than 20 minutes, the game will consist of two(2) 14 minute halves
If teams are late by more than 30 minutes, late the game will consist of one(1) 20 minute half
If teams are late by more than 35 minutes, the game will not be played
Referee fees are still the same no matter the duration of the game

7- Forfeit Policies:

1) Forfeiting in advance – if you know your team is going to forfeit and not show up, you must contact LI Hoops 48 hours in advance of game time. Calling LI Hoops and leaving a message is NOT acceptable notice, you must reach someone. If you leave a message or send e-mail it is not considered notification unless you receive a reply.

2) If your team is a complete NO SHOW, failing to contact LI Hoops and failing to have at least four players present at the game,  your team will be subject to being charged a game, AND both teams’ referee fees, can be ineligible for league playoffs and/or removed from the remainder of the schedule.

8- LI Hoops Sportsmanship Policy

All players participating in a LI Hoops Basketball League sanctioned game must adhere to the following policy. The ultimate goal of LI Hoops Basketball League is to provide its participants with a fun and safe basketball experience. The nature of sports in and of itself is competitive, but there is more to sports than winning and losing. Participating in sports is an experience. The benefits of fair play, exercise, teamwork, and camaraderie that exist in our sports league far outweigh any win or loss that may appear on a Schedule and Standings page. There is neither time, nor place in any LI Hoops basketball game for any individual(s) to behave in an unsportsmanlike manner. No matter what the outcome of a play or a game is, good sportsmanship WILL be observed at all times.

Any participant who
1) Verbally or physically abuses;
2) Attempts to intimidate;
3) And/or cannot control his/her language or actions toward an LI Hoops game official, an LI Hoops or game venue employee, a visitor, a spectator, an LI Hoops or game venue representative, and/or another player(s) will be considered in violation of this policy.

Violators of this policy can be immediately ejected from the game, requiring the participant to leave the gym in a timely fashion, and subjected to any or all of the following reprimands*:

• A verbal warning
• Suspension  from play for an indefinite period
• Expulsion from the league

*The degree to which a person is reprimanded is at the discretion of LI Hoops Basketball League.

9- LI Hoops Anti-Discrimination Policy

LI Hoops Basketball League is committed in all areas to providing a competitive environment that is free from harassment, and thus has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy toward harrasment based upon an individual’s sex, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, religion or any other legally protected characteristics. All players, visitors, spectators, officials, league employees, and other personnel are expected and required to abide by this policy.

Any violation of this policy by an indivdual or group of individuals will result in immediate ejection from game premises and an indefinite suspension from play/ban from attendance, or termination of employment. 

No person will be adversely affected in player/spectator/employment status with LI Hoops Basketball League as a result of bringing complaints of harassment.

10- Tie breaker policy to determine seeding for playoffs

1) Any team that wishes to make a schedule change prior to playoff game may be seeded lower or higher
2) Any team with a forfeit is automatically seeded lower
3) Head to Head (only if all tied teams played each other and equal number of times);
4) Record against common opponents;
5) Strength of schedule (Total winning percentage of all teams played against).
6) Record against each common opponent starting at the top, one team at a time.
7) Coin Toss

If multiple teams are tied, LI Hoops league official will go through criteria one at a time until one team is determined stronger (or weaker) than the rest, then start at the top again with the “new” tied teams.

LI Hoops reserves the right to use full discretion when determining seeds, which supercedes all guidelines listed above

11- Playoff Scheduling:

When registering, teams provide night and time scheduling preferences to ensure that all players are available to make it to the game. While consistent during the regular season, please be aware that during playoffs there are no guarantees that scheduling preferences or requests for day/time changes can be honored.  In order to complete the playoffs in a timely fashion, we ask that teams be flexible when it comes time to schedule postseason games.

12- Playoff Eligibility – Individal Players:

All Players must have signed and printed their names on the scoresheet for 50% of regular season games played in order to be considered eligible for playoff games. Signing in on the scoresheet is the only way we can accurately track player attendance at games. While LI Hoops instructs its scorekeepers to help make sure that every player has signed in during a game, the final responsibility of signing in lies with the player, not the scorekeeper.

Remember: Even if you show up and play, if you didn’t sign in, you were not at the game.

Our player attendance numbers issued to team captains are not final and reflect only the scoresheets that have been entered into our database; as such, no player will be denied eligibility based on scoresheets that are not included. Example: If a player is listed as having attended 3 of 8 games, but only 7 of those 8 games have been entered into our attendance database, that player is automatically credited 1 game and is now eligible to participate in the playoffs.

Captains must be aware that players could retroactively be deemed ineligible to participate in playoff games up until 24 hours prior to start of team’s first playoff game.

During playoff games all players must present a valid government issued ID to the scorekeeper in order to be eligible to play.

13- Player Fill-In Policy:

A team must have at least 4 players ready to play at game time or it is a forfeit. All players, with full names must be listed on and have signed their team’s official roster in order to be eligible to play.  If a team has at least 3, but not 4, they may pick up ONE player from the prior game.  It is the responsibility of the team captain adding the player to notify the opposing team captain, scorekeeper, and referees BEFORE the game, otherwise a forfeit will be awarded.  If a team has 5 players they CANNOT pick up a player.

Picking up players to avoid a forfeit or playing shorthanded:  If a team is shorthanded, but has at least 3 players, they may pick up players from other teams playing in the league.

Teams who include a pick-up player who is determined to be an extraordinary mismatch in terms of skill and playing ability may be disqualified, even retroactively. 

When picking up players, you MUST inform the opposing captain, scorekeeper, and referees.  Failure to inform the opposing captain, scorekeeper, and referee that you are picking up players can result in forfeit.  You cannot pick up extra players, so only 5 total players are permitted.  If one of your regular players shows up late, one of the pickup players must stop playing.


Protesting: If your team thinks that the opponent picked-up too many people, or neglected to inform you and the referee, or that an illegal player was used; you must bring it to the attention of the referees and scorekeeper BEFORE the game is over.  The scorekeeper will note the protest and talk to the opposing team after the game, the scorekeeper will NOT make a decision on the protest but will gather information and forward it to LI Hoops, so the an LI Hoops staff member can decide the appropriate penalty.